Trade Shows, Page 1

Taken at various times and locations, most of these pictures are of trade show displays at Market Hall and the Trade Mart in Dallas. They appear to all date from 1971 or later, and were scanned from slides that are in the collection of Pete and Evangeline Eads.

Del Rio Plant Manager Arturo Norte was a fine caricaturist, and always drew crowds (pardon the pun) at the trade shows.

Zeta Young.

Interesting "modular" lamps, assembled to varying heights with separate ceramic parts.

Frank Laidlow and Howard Kron.

Pete Eads, Howard Kron and Tommy Young.

Tommy Young, Frank Laidlow, Ray Wooden and Zeta Young.

Sales Representative Bill Hall.

Pete and Evangeline Eads.

Joe Fonteno and his wife.

Immediately following the '71 fire Texans began making lamps that were assembled from metal, wood and glass.

Howard Kron, Mrs. George Peglar, and Richard Gunter.

Richard and Howard.

Assistant Plant Manager Alvin Miller examines the products.

Pete Eads and Richard Gunter.

Mrs. Duane Pierce, unknown, Tommy Young.

Overhead view of a Texans Inc. display.

Unknown, Mrs. Duane Pierce, Alvin Miller.