Table Lamps, Page One

Texans Incorporated might be best known today for their TV lamps, but table lamps were their primary focus. Many hundreds of designs were produced, making any attempt at placing them in an exact chronological order all but impossible. However imprecise, the lamps are presented here in the approximate sequence of their initial release.

Model G833. This is very representative of the designs brought to Texans by Polynesian Arts in the early years.

A72, unmarked.

Style G89, unmarked.

Model #G85, a very early Texans lamp. It was sculpted by Bob Hawn, the designer that came from Mayfield, KY.

Model #G 84, this abstract horse is another Bob Hawn design. Marked, R Hawn.

Most likely a Texans product, this was purchased in the late '50s at the retail outlet Lamp Land.

The model G88-205B Cowboy Den Lamp (left) is an early design, marked HG. (probably Hugh Gantt) At right is a later re-issue, part of the '70s Western Line.

The D66-151P, unmarked.

T1640, unmarked.

Models T850-34 and 1850. Unmarked, they were made in several colors.

D15, unmarked.

D16, unmarked.

#859, unmarked. Both a table and TV lamp, it could be switched between the top light only, the back light only, or both.

G26P, unmarked.

The G66, unmarked.

Both unmarked. From a line of juvenile lamps.

D127-14B on left. Both unmarked.



#805, unmarked.

T73, unmarked.

T25, unmarked.

This K106-135 is marked, Kron 55. Lamps with that marking are the first designs made by Howard Kron at Texans Inc.

Marked Kron 55, this is the K105-171T.

The T82-14 is marked, Kron 55.

Marked Kron 55.

Both marked Kron 55.

Both marked Kron 55.

While unmarked, this style #118 is almost certainly a Howard Kron design.

Marked Kron. Unless noted otherwise, all of the following lamps bear the Kron marking.