The Articles of Incorporation

Legal documents seldom make for interesting reading, but to those studying the history of Texans Inc. this one provides considerable insight into the formation of the company. Presented here, both as paraphrased text and in full image form, are the articles of incorporation that outlined Texans Inc. as a legal entity. Each of the ten pages are available here as .jpg images, but as they're poor quality and difficult to read I've included passages of particular interest in text.

If you like, you may also examine scans of the actual incorporation pages.

From page 1:

Approved and Filed in the Office of the Secretary of State this 16th day of July 1951. That We, L. S. Sikes, T. R. Young and Forrest Kyle, all citizens of Texas, under and by virtue of the Laws of this State, do hereby voluntarily associate ourselves for the purpose of forming a private corporation under such laws upon the following terms and conditions:


The name of the corporation shall be Texans, Inc.


The purpose for which it is organized is to transact a manufacturing business, and to purchase and sell goods, wares and merchandise used for such business, as authorized by Subdivision 34 of Article 1312 of the Texas Revised Civil Statues of 1925.


The place where the business of the corporation is to be transacted is Bangs, in Brown County, Texas.


The term for which is is to exist is fifty (50) years.


The number of directors shall be fixed by the by-laws of the corporation and until changed by the by-laws shall be eleven (11), and the names and residences of those who are appointees for the first year are as follows:


Forrest Kyle
Wiley McClatchy
Gus J. Rosenberg
Hugh Gantt
T. M. Young
L. B. Sikes
Thomas D. Levisay
Bryan Harris
Oren Bauer
R. V. Morgan
Gordon Griffin

Bangs, Texas
Bangs, Texas
Brownwood, Texas
Mayfield, Kentucky
Bangs, Texas
Bangs, Texas
Bangs, Texas
Bangs, Texas
Bangs, Texas
Bangs, Texas
Brownwood, Texas


The amount of capital stock is $100,000.00, divided into 1,000 shares, each of the par value of $100.00, all of which capital stock has been in good faith subscribed, and $50,000.00 of which has been paid in, as is further shown by affidavit hereto attached.