Building the Del Rio Plant

These pictures were taken at the Texans Incorporated plant in Del Rio, Texas, as preparations were being made to begin production at the new facility. Opened in October of 1971, this branch of Texans Inc. occupied a building that had previously been the site of the Associated Wool Processors of Texas. Texans employees did most all the work involved in the conversion to pottery manufacture, as well as handling the design and construction of the kiln. This plant was established for the purpose of ceramic production only, the lamp bodies being transported to Bangs for final assembly and sales. The photos presented here date from 1970-71, and were digitized from slides that are in the collection of Pete and Evangeline Eads.

A view down the tunnel kiln. (under construction)

Tommy Young positioning fire bricks.

Richard Gunter doing a little mixing.

It takes a lot of fire bricks to make a kiln!

Tommy Young and Pete Eads.

Mari Kay Young, wondering what all the fuss is about.

Exterior view.

James Ford and his son work on a slip tank.

Howard Kron works as Richard Gunter supervises.